Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Most interesting find in Paleontology (Geology). An intermediate step in evolution (natural selection) of the flounder, etc. Fossil is 50 million years.  Scientifically, we could estimate the total evolution to be 100 million years.  Did it take Darwin's finches 100 million years; doubtful. But birds were around 65 million years ago, and abundant 35 million years ago. logoPhoto By Image by M. Friedman

Why is this so important: Anyone between 1968 and 1980+ probably saw the top chart hanging in your classroom.  Kelvin-Zallinger chart (below) appeared in the Time-Life book Early Man (1968)

The on second chart, only those supported in the text are on the bottom chart.  If we give some validity to the upper chart, let's say, Lucy is #2.  Since Lucy is about 3.6 million years old; that makes some hyper-speed evolution for man (mammals).  Does this past the Scientific Method; not at all.  

Mine you all, I believe in evolution; but let's get it correct and not forget the nonsensical science for political / personal reasons.   

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